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Rescue Chute

The mobile Rescue Chute is installed on the basket of the movable fire truck ladder. In case of a fire emergency evacuees can glide to safety through the Rescue chute (for more detail see: Stationary Rescue Systems - Personal Safety Escape Chute).

Due to the different heights at which a fire emergency rescue mission can occur, the outer layer of the Rescue Chute is equipped with zippers to allow an easy exit at varying heights.
The Rescue Chute can be produced in lengths between 2 - 80 metres.

In the event of a fire where a fire truck aerial ladder cannot be used, the Rescue Chute with the flexible entrance frame can be installed by 2 firemen inside the building. This will allow people to evacuate in a safe and speedy manner.

Each one of our rescue devices is customized to our clients needs.