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Personal Safety Escape Chute

The Personal Safety Escape Chute was developed to evacuate people in a safe and speedy manner.

The evacuee's direct contact with the Safety Chute guarantees a smooth descent at an even speed. The inside of the Escape Chute consists of a spiral-gliding slide. This slide enables evacuees to glide evenly in a constant counter-clockwise motion and without a feeling of dropping.

The receiving capsule (or exit capsule) ends 0.50 metres above the ground. The foam cushion at the bottom of the capsule ensures a smooth and soft landing.

The deceleration rate in the Personal Safety Escape Chute equals 2.10 metres per second. A normal elevator has a deceleration rate of 5 metres per second.

Even in the event of a multiple evacuation through the Personal Safety Escape Chute, the spiral construction prevents any kind of blockage. The physical laws of friction and gravity keep bodies with varying weights at equal and safe distances.

The Personal Safety Escape Chute is more than suitable for the evacuation of people with disabilities as well as children over 12 kg.
8 - 10 people can escape through the chute from a height of 30 metres within 2 minutes.

Since we guarantee the production and functional operation of our Personal Safety Escape Chute, we provide the entire layout. We also calculate construction proposals and install our Life Saving Systems.

Our installations do not alter the appearance of any building.

ISO 9001 certifies the production of the Personal Safety Escape Chute.
In conjunction with a yearly maintenance contract we guarantee our products for 15 years.

Weather conditions do not affect the stability of our materials.
The Personal Safety Escape Chute can be manufactured in length ranging from 2 to 80 metres.

Each one of our Rescue Devices is customized to our clients needs.