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Escape ladder

The Safety Ladder is an ideal security measure as an additional installation to any existing building.

This Safety Ladder is extremely innovative and practical especially for multi-storey buildings.

In case of an emergency the Safety Ladder is an easy to operate rescue system and provides people with a safe escape alternative.

The Safety Ladder is aesthetically pleasing to all types of buildings.

The measurement of the ladder in a closed position is 47 x 72mm. In an open position it is 47 x 400mm.

The maximum load capacity of the ladder is approx. 500 kg per metre. The ladder is made of a solid and weather resistant material to ensure long time durability.

It can be made and installed in different lengths up to 10 metres.

The Safety Ladder is in accordance with the local building codes and up to date safety standards.

The Safety Ladder does not alter the appearance of any building.